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Oral Selective Estrogen Receptor Downregulators SERDs a Breakthrough Endocrine Therapy for Breast Cancer Donald P McDonnell Suzanne E Wardell and John D Norris Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology Duke University School of Medicine Durham North Carolina 27710 United States

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Slide 3 General description of SERDS Both fluorescence and the Raman signal are proportionate to the power of the excitation laser Fluorescence spectrum is

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A selective estrogen receptor degrader or downregulator SERD is a type of drug which binds to the estrogen receptor ER and in the process of doing so causes the ER …

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SERDS large emphasis was put on the reconstruction of the Raman spectrum of the substance under study from the pseudo-derivative one obtained as a product of SERDS process As a result the often quoted drawbacks of SERDS method are in fact the deficiencies of the various reconstruction algorithms At the same time it is a well- understood fact that reconstruction is not required for any of

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