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2014-06-26· I ve been searching the boards for an answer to this one but no luck So apologies if this has been previously discussed Can you store a Mackinaw in an Orca Fly the Orca out to an asteroid belt Undock the Mackinaw Go mining Bring ore back to Orca until full Dock Mackinaw in Orca Fly Orca back to station

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2012-10-12· I cant remember the exact bonuses but the Hulk works out as having roughly 15 better yield Although if you are mining solo in High Sec the Mackinaw is the best as it has a much larger cargohold and tank

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Mackinaw Solo Miner Modulated Strip Miner II Modulated Strip Miner II Survey Scanner II Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I EM Ward Amplifier II Thermal Dissipation Amplifier II Damage Control II Mining Laser Upgrade II Mining Laser Upgrade II Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I Medium Core Defense Field Extender II Hornet EC-300 x5 Hobgoblin II x3 FITTING DIFFICULTY EVE VERSION

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mackinaw solo mining fit MinerBumping - Gank-Hardened Mining Fleet Gank-Hardened Mining Fleet For the Solo Leave-Me-Alone-I You mine faster than with the Mackinaw fit above but your ore hold is smaller

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Mackinaw fit for ice harvesting - okdgroupin Mackinaw fit for ice harvesting Products As a leading global manufacturer of crushing grinding and mining equipments we …

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Ship Balancing Mining Barges - EVE Community Ship Balancing Mining Barg forcing them to rely on others to haul and resupply them with mining crystals The Retriever and Mackinaw are specifically

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2017-04-09· Fair enough I like the idea of mining in various ships though I used to mine in a Rokh back in the day Of course also tried Hulk Mackinaw etc but now I m itching for a new solo mining high sec ship so I d like to maybe try the Porpoise or Orca

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In 2012 CCP rebalanced the ORE mining ships so each ship had a specific role Ship Balancing Mining Barges - EVE Community TL DR Hulk Coveter is best for group mining ops Mackinaw Retriever for solo hi-sec ops Skiff Procurer for low-sec ops

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The exhumer is the second generation of mining vessels created by ORE Exhumers like their mining barge cousins were each created to excel at a specific function the Mackinaw s being storage Although it only has space to fit two mining or ice harvesting modules a fast loading system allows them to do the work of three modules

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Mackinaw fit for ice harvesting Products As a leading global manufacturer of crushing grinding and mining equipments we offer advanced reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including Mackinaw fit for ice harvesting quarry aggregate and different kinds of minerals

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By not maximizing the full yield possibilities of a Mackinaw you are barely making more isk cycle then a retriever the only difference is losing a 30m isk ship vs losing a 170m isk ship for an additional 500k isk hour 280 hours of mining to replace your mackinaw …

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Mackinaw Solo Mining Fit - sirptsciencecollege org EVE mining is primarily performed by the ORE line of mining barges and is largely considered an AFK activity offensive the Mackinaw had the largest ore hold and the Hulk was the king of yield

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Mackinaw High Sec Fit - Ships Modules - EVE Dec 17 2013· I m one of the few people who has fallen in love with mining I have done it everyday since I started and it s a nice thing to do I ll soon be flying in a mackinaw

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Mackinaw Samraza Soloman Killmail zKillboard 201671- Mackinaw Samraza Soloman s Mackinaw Mining Laser Upgrade II Mining Laser Upgrade II Overdrive Injector System II 1MN Monopropellant Endu

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buy and fit some remote shield ancillary boosters and get some cap booster charges that fits in them 8 buy 10 t2 hammerheads buy 10 t2 hobgoblins and 5x t2 mining drones load them to drone bay 9 rest of high slots fit drone link augmentors

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Mackinaw Solo Mining Fit - website-tv mackinaw solo mining fit - dpisolar Mackinaw - UniWiki - Eve University Although it only has space to fit two mining or ice harvesting modules

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2014-01-02· The mackinaw retriever is king of solo mining if you do not have a dedicated hauling toon then using a mack retriever is an obvious choice Hulks covs vs proc skiffs is where the tank vs effciency battle really takes place The Hulk Cov Skiff and Proc all lack quite a bit of ore bay compared to the other two Thus you really do need to have a dedicated toon hauling for you At which point

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The result is that the Mackinaw just doesn t have enough CPU to fit 2 Mining Upgrades and a Both other exhumers have sufficient CPU to combine a full mining setup with a good or even excellent tank

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Best possible mining setup - General Discussions - UO Jun 21 2013· For solo mining you want a Mackinaw T2 Exhumer class T1 version would be the Retriever Fit it as follows High 2x Strip Miner II Or T1 if you cant fit T2 s

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Eve Online Ice Harvesting Guide Ice harvesting is a specific type of mining which requires different modules and skills than ore mining while requiring the same ships While you can harvest ice in a Venture by using the Ice Mining Laser I module ice harvesting is best performed in barges and exhumers so you need to already have invested some training time into mining before you can …

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2016-10-31· With the mining changes on sisi it s time to try and compare the new Orca to the Mackinaw TLDW the Orca will be able to get around 1200m³ min which is less than the Mackinaw …

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2017-03-14· If you re mining in highsec always use skiffs Even a max yield fit skiff still boasts a 60k ehp tank which can discourage most small time ganking operations As for the orca you ll want to fit a solid tank for the same reason You could probably work out an orca with decent drone yield but since I don t mine in HS I couldn t tell you how much of a target those are

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MinerBumping In a functioning highsec society everyone does his part Everyone has a role but certain roles are superior to others Jobs performed by some players are unimportant or largely unnecessary For example if everyone stopped mining in highsec no one would be the

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One will fit for sure two will fit with good skills Electronic 5 Mining Ugrades 4 Next step is to get Astrogeology 4 It will give you another 20 bonus to your yield and is required for the next step of the chain which is a Mining Barge covered later